SAU Vice Chancellor visits CRI of CAASProf. Hong Zhang from Texas Tech University of the USA and Prof. Francis Marty visited ICR-CAASThe vice director of ICR, Dr. Kunbo Wang, attend an academic conference hold in PortugalProfessor Lewis Lukens from the University of Guelph in Canada visited Cotton Research InstituteAcademician Yu Shu-xun attended the 2014 international conference on engineering science and technology
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  • Yu Shuxun

    Yu Shuxun

  • Li Fuguang

    Li Fuguang

  • Wang Kunbo

    Wang Kunbo

  • Song Guoli

    Song Guoli

  • Mao Shuchun

    Mao Shuchun

  • Fan Shuli

    Fan Shuli

  • Du Xiongming

    Du Xiongming

  • Yuan Youlu

    Yuan Youlu

  • Cui Jinjie

    Cui Jinjie

  • Xing Zhaozhu

    Xing Zhaozhu

  • Wei Shoujun

    Wei Shoujun

  • Zhao Xinhua

    Zhao Xinhua

  • Wuwei Ye

    Wuwei Ye

  • Yang Daigang

    Yang Daigang

  • Zhu Heqin

    Zhu Heqin

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