Dr. Shuhua Zhan from The University of Guelph, Canada, came to visit ICR of CAAS
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    On October 7 to 9, 2017, Dr. Shuhua Zhan from The University of Guelph, Canada, visited ICR of CAAS. He gave a presentation on the topic of Allelic Mapping Bias Confounds eQTL Estimation and Gene Coexpression Analyses, and Allele Specific Expression in Zea Mays to scientific and technical persons and graduate students in ICR of CAAS. In addition, Dr. Shuhua Zhan participated in the group academic discussion of the cotton breeding group for theYangtze Rivervalley, visited the State Key Laboratory of Cotton Biology. The visit of Dr. Shuhua Zhan deepened the exchanges of The University of Guelph and ICR of CAAS and laid the foundation for further cooperation.

    Dr. Shuhua Zhan is a Post-doctoral atUniversityofGuelphinCanada, graduated fromHuazhongAgriculturalUniversityin 1982, got the Master's degree from The University of Texas in 1985, and got the Doctor's degree in The University of Guelph in 1996. He engaged in plant bioinformatics research and have published a number of high-level academic papers in international well-known journals.